Butterfly Valley 

This is a place to visit if you are itching to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Butterfly valley boat tour. 

Butterfly Valley is situated at the base of the famous Babadağ mountain just off the coast of Olu Deniz. As the valley is only reachable by boat it is one of the most untouched and natural spaces in the area. It offers lush green surroundings, white pebble beach, natural waterfalls and crystal clear waters. Apart from the many species of butterflies that populate the valley, it is sometimes occupied by backpackers that sleep in tents and tree houses provided on the beach. It is the perfect location for a quiet and peaceful break.

The easiest way to get to the valley is by boats rented from Oludeniz or Fethiye. Since the paths from the mountains are very difficult and dangerous, it is advisable to visit Butterfly Valley by boat. You can visit this unique valley as a day trip from Oludeniz or from Fethiye during sailing holidays in Turkey. With its unique scenery, nature and butterflies, this valley is a must-see resort.

With its waterfalls, hiking trails and climbing areas, the valley is a place for the more active. Alternatively, make new friends and have fun camping under the stars. You can explore the forest at night with a flashlight, and experience fear and excitement together.

Stop at Butterfly Valley during your yacht holidays in Turkey.


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