Ölüdeniz Blue Cruise

Set sail on your own miniature voyage of discovery


Oludeniz is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. It is also a popular tourist resort visited every year by many local and international travellers. Blue cruise sailing holidays in Turkey will make a stop here depending on the route chosen.

So how did Oludeniz get its name? In Medieval times many ships bound for Greece used to stop here to take on fresh water. According to legend the handsome son of a captain fell in love with a beautiful girl, named Belcekiz, on shore when he went to collect water. The boy had to return to his father’s ship and sail away, however, Belcekiz would wait for her lover to return. One day a big storm blew up. The boy told his father he knew of a sheltered cove. The father thought his son wanted to see his lover. As the waves grew bigger and the boat was going to crash onto the rocks, the father and son argued. The father hit his son and he fell into the sea. After a while, the father found himself in the still cove and he realised that his son had been telling the truth. Unfortunately, it was too late his son’s body was found on the rocks. Belcekiz seeing that her lover was dead threw herself onto the rocks and died.  The place where the boy died, the lagoon, is now called Oludeniz (Dead Sea) and the long beach in front of it is called Belcekiz.

  Ölüdeniz Yacht Charter

Make unforgettable memories sailing in Turkey on a gulet or yacht charter. You can relax, spending your days reading, swimming, exploring the islands or trying out the water sports as the turquoise coast slips by on your Turkey yacht charter. Sleep in a different peaceful bay each night.

For the more adventurous, while you are on your yacht charter in Turkey, try something different and tandem paraglide from the top of Mount Babadag (Father Mountain). You will see amazing views of Oludeniz, the Blue Lagoon and sometimes as far away as the Greek Island of Rhodes. Oludeniz offers one of the best paragliding sites in the world with its take-off point of almost 2000m above sea level. Your flight will take you from Mount Babadag, over its ridges and over the sea and down to a gentle landing on the beach of Oludeniz.

Oludeniz is also a popular area for diving in the crystal clear waters. The sea is practically tide free and it is possible to dive all year round. Suitable for beginners and experienced divers you will see an abundance of marine life in the warm and calm waters. Explore the archaeological dive site with amphora dating back to 300 BC when Alexander the Great conquered the area. Check out the underwater world on your gulet charter in Turkey.







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