Turkey is one of the leading tourism hot spots for exploring paradise.  Turkey continues to attract attention because of its unique bays on the south west coast. Bays start from the north of Bodrum and continue all the way to Antalya, inbetween bays include  Gocek, Hisaronu Gulf, Marmaris and Fethiye Gulf.

These stunning bays that provide the blue voyage with tranquility are protected by coastal law and maintain their virginity. These places have the leading  names.

Turkey’s blue cruise lists include some of the most pristine bays in the world. These areas promise summer visitors a relaxing vacation with natural beauty and laid back atmospheres.


Situated on Turkey’s southwestern coast, close to the Kapıdağ peninsula of the Dalaman district, Gökgemile is an untouched bay covered with lush trees. It has a particularly quiet and tranquil atmosphere and crystal clear water.


Gideros Bay- Kastamonu

Situated in one of the country’s greenest areas, the western Black Sea region, Gideros Bay in the province of Kastamonu will fully satisfy you with its green and blue views. The bay has a calming charm which is unique to the Black Sea region, which is also famous for its deep forests.


Sazak - Antalya

Sazak is perhaps the best loved bay in the Mediterranean province of Antalya, resembling a heaven on earth. The calm and pretty bay is the first stop that every boat on blue cruises visits. It is surrounded by mountains and locals also refer to it as “Honeymoon Bay.”


Butterfly valley- Olu Deniz

Butterfly Valley Turkey is one of the most attractive places in the surroundings of Fethiye. Butterfly Valley in 1995 was declared as nature reserve and is completely closed for construction. Butterfly Valley in Oludeniz, Fethiye (Kelebekler Vadisi in Turkish) is one of the most magical and beautiful bays of Turkey. It is located on the western coast of the Gulf of Belceiz close to Oludeniz and you can get there by boat only.



Akbuk is in the centre of Turkeys favourite coastline between Bodrum and Kusadasi, a superb location set in a pleasant natural environment by the Aegean Sea. Akbuk is surrounded by forests with olive trees and pine trees. The region has many small clean beaches and bays, the sea is clean, safe and warm.



Bozukkale is located south of the Bozburun peninsula with amazing panoramic views over the area.  On a clear day you will be able to see Rhodes, which is 12 miles away.  Bozukkale means “broken castle”. This large, sheltered bay is easily identified by the ancient citadel on the western headland as you approach.


Gocek Bay


The Gulf of Fethiye covers some 60-70square miles, with numerous enchanting anchorages, where you can cast anchor, either for a swim and a lazy lunch, or for the night. Most of the bays have a restaurant, where you can get lunch or dinner, and some of them have basic provisions. With a large natural harbour Gocek has grown up to cater to the needs of yachtsmen. 
One of the pleasures of a visit here is a stroll around the Marina to admire the array of boats of all shapes and sizes moored here.The waterfront is lined with bars and restaurants. Inland life revolves around the pretty market square which is lined with little shops selling antiques and crafts as well as the more usual carpets.


Hisaronu Gulf

Hisaronu is a popular and wonderful place located on the southwest of Marmaris. Hisaronu Gulf is a big one related to the other gulfs around and it gives great opportunities for the travellers. On the 22th kilometer of Marmaris-Datca Road, you will see the Hisaronu sign. The road is great with Hisaronu Gulf on one side and Gokova Gulf on the other side. We highly recommend a ride on the Marmaris-Datca Road. You will be fascinated with the nature and the environment.



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