For experienced and licensed sailors (for some locations), there’s nothing like taking the helm of a luxury yacht and charting your own course. A bareboat charter is designed for those who want complete freedom, privacy and independence. Not only do you have full control of the yacht, but you also have the full responsibility for operating the boat, which includes sailing, safety, anchoring, cooking, provisioning and planning the itineraries.

Some charter clients don’t want the responsibility of navigating and piloting a yacht while on holiday. Others aren’t quite comfortable with taking the helm of a chartered boat on their own in unfamiliar waters. We can provide a licensed skipper for your entire charter. Or, if you prefer, your skipper can cover the helm only until you have familiarized yourself with the yacht and local conditions well enough to take full command.

Crewed charters provide an even greater level of service for those who want fewer responsibilities for the day-to-day operations aboard ship but also want the privacy, convenience and flexibility to custom-design their own sailing holiday.

The charter company will provide an experienced captain and full crew to pamper you and your guests with incredible food and beverages as well as discreet yet attentive service.  All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Booking a cabin with a private bathroom on a by-the-cabin charter is perfect for new sailors or nonsailors who want to explore exotic destinations. It’s also ideal for experienced sailors who want to relax and leave the sailing to a captain who is familiar with the local area. By-the-cabin charters typically follow a fixed route with daily stops that allow you to visit some amazing sites, many accessible only 
by sea.

By-the-cabin charters allow one or two travelers to enjoy spectacular holidays and the opportunity to meet fellow travelers. If you want a boat just for yourself or your own party, you have the option to rent an entire boat as a private charter with a route that you may choose.

In addition to the standard equipment aboard your yacht, you can also rent additional equipment. The list of optional extras includes, but is not limited to, kayaks; windsurfing boards; paddleboards; snorkeling, diving and fishing equipment; and DVD players. Upon request, holiday packages can include initial provisions (food, cleaning supplies, beverages, etc.).


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