Blue voyage with female staff.

    Blue voyage with female staff.

It can be very difficult for a group conservative group of woman to enjoy a blue voyage because of the crew mostly being made up of men. According to the profession, boat crew is normally made up of 3 people... Captain, seaman and chef. Our company will make the tours more comfortable for the unaccompanied families who want to make the blue trip by providing them with female service staff to accompany them all around the tour

There will be at least 2 female personnel on the boat, besides the male staff that should be found in these yachts. The female staff provide all services and are the first point of contact for you. The males working on the yacht will ensure the yacht is safely navigated and anchored. The male staff will be waiting on the land or on another boat nearby to your boat.

Every morning a male seaman will enter the yacht just after breakfast is finished, this is for the safe anchoring and checking all ties are safe. After the seaman will leave again. Weekly rentals are the same. When leaving bays or manoeuvring the boat a seaman will need to be present on board.

There are different sized and different capacity boats available. Meaning conservative Muslim and veiled families or groups can enjoy privacy and serenity of their holiday in a relaxed environment.

In recent years our client list has filled with conservative guests. At Albatros Yachting we are very assertive about providing the best service for our new and our existing customers. During planning, we will prepare and provide all of your requests on the appropriate boat and personnel. After preparing the necessary contract, we will review all of the special requests with you, edit or add to the contract. As mentioned before the male and female staff will be separated, it will be the female staff that host and serve all your needs. The men will always be close by if there is an emergency or the boat needs to be moved by request or a sudden change in sea or weather, you are always safe.

NOTE: This tour is only in the vicinity of Göcek village.

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