Corona Virus (İzolation)

The worldwide Corona virus pandemic can result in unprecedented travel restrictions and more tedious closures. The yacht charter industry can advise you if you are planning a luxury yacht charter in the current COVID-19 situation. We think that the gulet and yacht charter market will quickly return to its old days when the Corona virus situation improves throughout the Yacht Industry.

İzolation Yacht CharterHow is the yacht charter industry affected by the coronavirus?
The ongoing Corona virus pandemic has inevitably had a tremendous impact on the travel industry and yacht charter is heavily affected. Strict regulations are also coming to the yachting industry like the hotels.

Can you still book a gulet yacht charter?

we think yes

Despite the uncertain situation, most of our guests do not cancel their reservations, and we even receive new reservations. This shows us that most holidaymakers choose to make a last-minute reservation to quickly escape the isolation imposed by the virus.

Corona virus Provisions

Advantages of Yacht Charter in Pandemic:

- Spending time on a yacht in a safe environment is more advantageous than all holiday options.

- Yacht charter allows guests to stay protected in smaller, cleaner environments such as gulets or sailboats, while minimizing the need for large hotels and public spaces where risks naturally increase.”

- Offers an isolated vacation option.

-Because it is personal compared to other holiday options, you come face to face with fewer employees.

-Sea, iodine and open air are the environment that the virus does not like.

Coronavirus advice-yacht charter-crew

As Albatros Yachting, we take various measures to protect ourselves from Corona Virus and keep our guests safe. In the midst of the ongoing Corona virus COVID-19 epidemic, many European governments have called for mandatory isolation; but what does this mean for yacht crews working at sea? Protecting themselves (and our guests) while working on board is now more important than ever for nearby captains and crew.

- All boats are disinfected by a professional health institution on rental days,

-The yacht personnel are tested before the tour,

- All our crew are trained on Corona virus.

- In accordance with good food safety practices, meat, dairy or animal products should always be handled with care to avoid cross-contamination with uncooked food.

Guidelines published by Public Health England in 2007 contain clear instructions for dealing with the virus outbreak. The guide says that all surfaces should be cleaned first with detergent and hot water, then disinfected with disinfectant. In addition to the daily routine cleaning on the boat, cabins and contact areas will be cleaned regularly with special disinfectants for Corona virus.

Is Yacht Charter Safe?

Yachting, which is one of the factors expected to increase its demand, defines it as the safe environment a yacht can provide. At Albatros, we claim that a yacht cruise can be a "perfect alternative" to other luxury holiday options. A yacht, on the other hand, is in an environment that is easily controlled for the arrival and departure of guests and staff. Since the loading of materials and making the deliveries are carried out by the same crew, the risks that may come from different people are also eliminated.

Products We Use Against Corona Virus:

Dear guests,

There are tens and hundreds of companies and products on the market that want to market disinfection products lately. As Albatros Yachting, the product we have been using after a 20-day research is currently the only product in Turkey with the only 3 types of Ministry of Health license.

This product named Crystalin; It is the first and only domestic product that can be used for Human Health Hygiene, Antiseptic (Type-1), Ground-Surface-Environment Disinfectant (Type-2) and Animal Health Hygiene (Type-3) and has a Biocidal Product License in these 3 groups by the Ministry.

Our body produces hypochlorous, which is the active ingredient of the product, for our immune system in the fight against microorganisms.

In some of the products sold in the market, sodium hypochlorite acid – that is, liquid chlorine, with bleach active substance, Hydrogen Peroxide – has bleach and disinfectant properties and is flammable and combustible. It can be dangerous and harmful in excessive use. Silver ions contain heavy metals. Regarding this, pay attention to the active substance of the products recommended to you, examine whether there is any harm to human health, nature or not.

To your information, stay healthy.

As Albatros Yachting, we want all our guests to be sure that we take all precautions regarding the Corona virus on all boats and yachts we own or rent, and we train all our staff on this issue. You can make your reservation for the Blue Cruise, which is the safest option, without hesitation.


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