Albatros Yachting recieve many requests from corporate clients around the world. Different companies work with us in order to make your charter experience perfect/ Albatros Yachting offer weekend, 3 day and weekly yach charters longer cruises can be arranged. Different companies we work with all have an input to your trip, whether it be mechanical technicians or daily boat trip organisers. 

They aim to increase the work for the company by motivating their employees,organizing meetings in different environments, in companies and groups,and with preferred Yacht chartering organizations.

At Albatos Yachting we organise cruises directly through well established organisations. We prove our expertise in the corporate companies that we work with. Albatros Yachting Chairman Barış Kaya stated that the institutional firms they serve prefer Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye / Göcek and Antalya for the organization of the meetings. When we look at the tours the companies gave to their employees, customers, and franchisees, we see that the most demanded locations are the gulet excursion with Göcek and the sailing training with sailing boats.

From the many regions of Turkey,

Istanbul boat rental
Kusadasi boat rental
Fountain boat rental
Bodrum Boat Rental
Marmaris boat rental
Gocek boat rental
Fethiye boat rental

We offer our guests services and we are in the organization of every budget and number of people. We are operating in Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye and Antalya with our own boats and yachts which iare owned by our company.







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