Sailing between Dalyan and Göcek

Aşı ıçı Limanı Immunisation Port

Dalyan Yelkenli Kiralama RotasıThis port is the only resting place in the wide Dişibilmez Cove which is located between the two high capes at the northern end. When you enter the bay, you will be on the west side. The cove is surrounded by a grey sandy beach. Waters for anchoring are 10-15m deep on the left-hand side where the bay extends to the north there is a pointed rocky islet, this can be entered from both sides. There is room for 4-5 boat places in the bay. The cove covers the small island, it is very rocky so it is not recommended for tourists to enter the island by foot. However, there are entrances where it is safe on foot with walkways and even a small restaurant. There is also a connecting road that will take you to Ortaca. 

After Karaburun, the coastline descends to the Dalaman plain. The northern end slopes down onto the beach, by this beach the waters are clean and clear, perfect for swimming. The area is surrounded by pine trees making it scenic and cooler; this region is called Sarigerme. Continuing from Sarigerme you come to Akça Burun. From Akça Burun the coast rises again, there is not a safe stopping point for boats here, winds can pick up spontaneously and the sea can be very rough. Because of the large rocks on the shoreline and in the sea this causes hazards for boats. The bay is widespread and is called "Gökgemile Limanı".

The southern tip of the Kapıdağ Peninsula, Kurtoğlu Burnu, is on the tip of the high rocks, this area stretches for 150 meters and is perceived as an island in the distance.

After this bay is passed, the great Fethiye Gulf is entered. The north side of the Kapıdağ Peninsula is the back side of the famous Göcek Bay.


There are three islands on this shoreline.

1. Baba Adası Father Island

Baba Adası which translates to Father Island is located near the shore just off Dalaman Bükü (bend). At the starting point of the island is a lighthouse, this can be seen on the west side of the Karaburun. There is a beautiful cave near to the southern tip of the island, this island has 2 hills which penetrate from both sides of the mountain. The hills are steep and meet the shoreline. A small cove dips to the west and this is where anchoring of 6m is ideal for boats. Captains should regularly check weather conditions for the area, as winds can be strong and the area can become dangerous for boats. 


2. Nar Adası Pomegranate Island

Pomegranate Island is on the opposite side of Akça Burun, a small flat rocky island, 2 miles out in the direction of the southwest, on the road, there is a deep waterfall, a large rock near the coast to the north.


3. Peksimet Island

Peksimet Island is 1.5 miles from Kurtoğlu Burnu which sits on the southern tip of the Kapıdağ Peninsula. There is a distinctive lantern on the island. Move eastwards from the Kutoğlu Burnu and this is where you enter the Gulf of Fethiye. The Kurtoğlu Burnu is only 8.5 miles south of Fethiye bay, between Ibris Burnu and Göcek village. Fethiye harbour is on the north side of the bay. Because of the fast winds on the south, windsurfing is a popular sport on these waters.

When the high Kapıdağ Peninsula reaches the east the winds meet the cool sea creating a beautiful breeze. Here is separated perfectly from the Gulf of Fethiye by the sea and the small islands in the north of Göcek Gulf. At night here is especially attractive because of the many boats and yacht lights and stars is creating a truly magical view. Göcek town and marina are located on the north end of the bay. Kapıdağ Peninsula has several beautiful natural harbours in which to shelter. Sleep under the stars in a stunning and natural environment.


Aga Limanı

The twin bays at Aga Limanı are a good place to drop anchor. Within the Gulf of Fethiye, they are close to the tip of Kurtoglu Bay, here you are able to relax, swim, fish or take a walk along the beach. The sea is extremely clean and is cooler due to the underwater source near the beach. The ancient Lycian city of Lyda can be reached if you follow the path to the bay.



Kacabuk is not accessible by road and therefore the ideal place to see on your Turkey yacht charter. Pine forests and olive groves slope to the sea in an easterly direction. There is a narrow beach with crystal clear seas, however, it is open to the winds.



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