When you are sailing in Turkey a visit to the village of Dalyan is a must. Dalyan is located on the Dalyan river, previously known as Calbis river, and flows from Lake Koycegiz to Iztuzu Beach. On the hillside, you will see the Lycian era rock tombs of the ancient city of Kaunos, they date back to the 10th century. The ancient port of Kaunos is located between the sea and the old harbour which is now a lake. Iztuzu Beach is a long sandy beach and is a breeding ground for Caretta Caretta (loggerhead) turtles. This world famous beach is well protected and naturally maintained for the safety of the turtles. Also famous in Dalyan are the rock tombs that are carved into steep slopes, they are situated in the high peaks of the northwest.


It is not possible for yachts to enter this harbour because the water is too shallow and narrow. However, larger boats and yachts, on a sailing holiday in Turkey, can still see the beauty of the region by anchoring in Ekincik or Karachay and then be taken to Dalyan on a small tour boat, passengers have the option to stay in Dalyan for as long as they want.

The entrance to Dalyan lies between the tip of Iztuzu Beach and the high sandy beach in the north. The sandbanks are approximately 1 meter from the water, however, this space can often be replaced by wind and strong currents. There are few wooden piers behind the beach, where there are attractions for tourists such as inflatable boats for on the sea. The waterways, which are full of reeds, in Dalyan can be compared to labyrinths, it is easy to get lost if you do not know the way, so do not try to navigate without knowing your own boat and the waters, boats powered by an engine are not allowed. 

When you have entered the canal, the water will continue to the north where Çandar villages wooden pier is. Behind the skyline are reports of the Kaunos Acropolis; the Acropolis is worth seeing on the slopes of the mountain, however, it can be difficult to climb up the rocks and can be dangerous.

Dalyan’s fishing port is famous for its Mullet fish eggs, they can be bought locally. You can even enjoy watching the fishermen hard at work. In the port, there is a long dock, bays and kayaks, restaurants and cafes, and seating areas under the beautiful trees to protect you from the suns heat. Because of the trees and beaches, there is a lot of mosquitos and flies so as a precaution apply insect repellent and be aware of the insects. 

Where the canal reaches the lake, the water becomes green in colour and blurry. When you reach the world famous mud baths, you will see people walking around covered head to toe in mud, the mud is said to be healing. The mud is mixed with natural waters and bathed in, some people really believe the mud has healing powers, some just enjoy the mud bath as an experience.


After Iztuzu beach, the coast rises suddenly to the east, the rocky mountains climb up to the Dalaman plain.  The steep rocky creeks descend to the sea from the foothills of the coast, the rocks continue until Dişibilmez Burnu. There is no place to shelter from these winds here. Dişibilmez Burnu reaches 550 m above sea level, nearby there are caves that are carved from rocks; because of the strong winds and the large rocks, often big vortices and waves are formed, making it unsafe for boats and swimmers.





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