Datça Yacht Charter


A sliver of mountain and beach jutting into the Aegean offers an oasis of unspoilt tranquillity amid the lively resorts of south-west Turkey


Datça peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey with one side on the Aegean Sea and the other on the Mediterranean Sea. Datça is one of the most important stops of the yacht charter in Turkey Blue Cruise routes with the calm sea, terrific nature and fresh air. Many beaches, such as Aktur Camping Beach, Karaincir Beach, Hospitalaltic Beach, Periliköşk Beach and Billurkent Beach, can be reached from the centre of the peninsula.


The ancient city of Knidos is located on the Datça peninsula and is one of the most significant historical sites in the area. It is famous for its ampitheatres and the Temple of Aphrodite. The ancient, now ruined, harbour was a shipping stronghold in 4th century BC. Earthquakes, conquests and looting caused Knidos to fall into ruins. The unique landscape that you can see from the top of Knidos makes you forget all your stress and tiredness. Purchase the fresh produce on offer such as olives, olive oil and dried thyme.


Eski (Old) Datça, whose former name is dadya, is very close to the centre. This place where you can find stone houses and cobbled streets is where Can Yücel lived and wrote his poems. During your yacht holidays in Turkey visit the beaches of Ovabükü, Hayıtbükü and Kızılbük. Enjoy the blue sea and swim in different bays.

‘Pig inlet’,Domuzbükü,  is a lovely turquoise bay which can only be reached by boat and is a favourite stop on the famous Blue Cruise yacht holidays in Turkey.


Take a day trip to the Greek Island of Symi, only 50 minutes to the South of Datca town by boat. Symi is a small, beautiful Dodecanese Greek Island that has something on offer for everyone and plenty of cultural highlights. When the sun goes down over Symi, there is hardly a more romantic place than on the waterfront.



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