Ekincik Route 

Ekincik Cove

This cove is the last part of Koycegiz harbour. There is a beautiful long sandy beach, this beach is home to where the turtles lay their eggs and the eggs open. The sand on this beach is however rough, however of high interest due to the beauty of the sea and the surrounding area. During summer months there re fixed facilities for camping. In the west of the bay there is a dock which is ran by the village muhtar (headman). It can be of exreme difficulty to approach the wall of the quay that faces the sea due to the large rocks, however there is a long pier on the north side of the dockyard, this is where boats can dock and leave passengers who are visiting Dalyan. Visitors are what source the livelihood for the local villagers. There is a cooperative building and a kiosk with its own market behind it. A guide from the village will approach you and charge you a small daily fee for the entry and information.

It is possible to safely stay in the water 6 to 10 meters in front of the beach. At approximately mid day the breeze will start to pick up, often swaying the boat, however by evening the winds will drop and the sea will be generally quite calm. If you would prefer to be on land Maden cove is at the South eastern corner of the city, the well visited mine ’my marina club’ is here. There is also a smooth pier and docks. Here you can safely moor boats,there are VHF connections, cocktails and bars, electricity and water, toilet and shower, shopping and other small shops; The small marina was created and made up of these services.


Delik Ada

This island, which is located at the eastern end of the entrance of Koycegiz Harbor, is named after a huge hole on the south coast (Fl2 5s 8M). It is easily distinguished from the low beach behind the island and is surrounded by olive groves and pointed rocks. The water here is deep and clear.

There is an iron construction scaffolding on the east side of the island, where the sightseeing boats will approach the island. Here you can see the infantry boats enter and their passengers visiting Dalyan (N36,47,48-E28,35,59).

The yachts can only anchor in 4-5 m within sand and for a short period of time when the wind is not blowing, do not leave the boat alone, there must be a crew in it, the place is unpredictable, the weather can change at any moment and you will not have much time to act. it is advised to anchor your boat in Ekincik or Karachay.





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