Gocek 12 Islands


Gocek and Fethiye are the starting points for the famous Gocek 12 islands tour. Gocek islands are the perfect place for a blue cruise sailing holiday in Turkey or a daily boat trip. The 12 islands include Yassica Island, Cleopatra Bath, Kursunlu Cove, Yavansu, Bedri Rahmi Cove, Tersane Island, Gobun Cove, Boynuzbuku, Gocek Island, Domuz Island, Zeytin Island and Kizil Island. The islands are all different and have a unique beauty. 

Yelkenli tekne ile Göcek TurlarıSovalye Island - located in the bay of Fethiye and many of the properties on the island are used as holiday homes.

Bedri Rahmi (Tasyaka) Cove - this bay was named after Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu, who was an artist and loved to cruise around the Turkish coast. He drew fish pictures on the rocks which you can still see today. Also, look out for the tomb ruins.

Gobun Bay - Once you are inside the narrow entrance there is a long bay surrounded by olive and pine trees. At the bottom end of the bay, there are some rock tombs and ruins.

Domuz (Pig) Island - also known as Prince Island. At one time there were a lot of wild pigs on the island.

Tersane (Shipyard) Island - this is the largest of the 12 islands and obtained its name as it was home to the Ottoman Navy. Visible from the sea there are some ancient ruins of a settlement called Telandria. To the east side of the island, there are plenty of coves and sheltered bays.

Zeytin (Hacihalil) Island - is a privately owned island. It is covered in olive trees and has an olive processing workshop that has existed since the Ottoman times.

Cleopatras Bath (Manastir Bay) - this bay was named after the legendary Egyptian Queen Cleopatra because this bay was her bathing area. When you take a careful look at the sea you can see the ruins of a Hamam. Also called Manastir Bay after the ruins, some of which are submerged, of a monastery. 

Boynuzbuku - located close to Gocek and has a number of uninhabited islands. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings while you dine in the restaurant.

Kizil (Red) Island - when the sun sets on Kizil Island it turns the stones a red colour similar to the soil on the island. 

Yassica Islands - a group of uninhabited islands that are a great place to stop and swim. In some places that islands are close together and it is possible to swim between them.

Gocek Island - an island located closest to the post of Gocek. Ideal place for relaxation and camping

Yavansu - also known as Sea Gull Bay, it is an idyllic location surrounded by fig trees. Visit ancient Arymaxa where you will find a Roman mausoleum and a Hellenistic tomb, both inscribed in Greek, a sarcophagus and a Byzantine cistern.








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