Albatros Yachting caters to you the best gulet charter holiday in Turkey and offers a great variety of standard, luxury, VIP, boutique and high class gulets throughout the whole sail season along Turkish coast Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye, Antalya and Greek islands. Search the gulets through our website and find your gulet which fits you the best.

Gulet Yacht charters are available for weekly rentals from Saturday to Saturday if you dont have the time for a whole week on a gulet charter you may enquire about shorter yacht rentals. 

The high season in Turkey is during the months of July and
August , it can be difficult to find available gulets for less than a week during this time because most of the yachts are touring a minimum of 7 nights and all of them are booked early. 

Gulet yacht charters start at 3:00 pm and
ends at 10:00 am after breakfast. 
Weekly yacht charter rates include
crew , petrol , harbour taxes in Turkish waters. Snorkels, basic fishing lines, sea toys, canoes are free of use during gulet yacht charters. 

Please be aware that not all gulets are equal in the service that they have on board. Check carefully the detailed information available for each yacht before booking.

IMPORTANT NOTE: is that air conditioning, if available for your gulet, may only be used at certain times of the day to reduce noise and conserve energy.

Also, although most of our gulets have the capacity to ’sail’, the use of sails is at the
descretion of the captain. Sailing is dependent on the weather conditions and the itinirary being followed. At all other times the engine will be used as the primary means to drive the boat.

With regards to watersports, powered watersports are not available on all yachts. Yachts that have this option available may charge extra for the service (cost of fuel). Please check with us first if you are unsure.

Choosing your gulet

All gulets are based in different
harbours , sometimes your choice will not be available from the port you want to start so please take this information into a consideration before make your booking.

Rates of gulet yacht charters are subject to change due to
quality , comfort and concept of gulet. Rates start from 300 € up to 6000 € for day rentals.

Before booking 
charter you should first know how many people will be chartering with you and which harbour you want to start.While choosing a harbour please look up the timetable for distannces
between airport and yacht harbours.

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