Marmaris inner harbour is protected by two islands, Yıldız Adası (Island) and Keçi Adası (Island). Yıldız Adası (Island) is a peninsula connected to the east shore by an isthmus shingle about 75 m wide. A pine-clad hill rises in the middle of the peninsula to an elevation of 402 m and is crowned by the ruins of an ancient fortress. Keçi Adası (Island), also topped with ancient stones, lays to the west.

Marmaris harbour is divided into an inner and outer harbour.

The inner harbour is the sea area N of an E/W line drawn through Keçiada Lighthouse ( 36 47.9 N – 28 15.6
E ; Light characteristic Fl R 2s 5M ).

The outer harbour is the sea area lying between a line drawn from Kadırga Burnu (Tip) ( 36 43 54 N – 028 18 51E ; Light characteristic Fl (3) 15s 39m 12M ) to Turnalı Burnu (Tip) ( 36 47 18N – 028 24 24E ) 6 miles NE, and the inner harbour limit.

From ESE of Kadırga Burnu (Tip) ( 36 44N-028 18E ) the route leads NW for about 7 miles through the outer harbour to the inner harbour entrance. The inner harbour is entered between Sarımehmet Burnu (Tip) ( 36 48N – 028 15E ) and Alkaya Burnu (Tip), 1.5 miles E, the S extremity of Yıldız Adası (Island) the entrance is divided into two channels ( Büyük Bogaz (Strait) / E channel and Küçük bogaz (Strait) / W channel) by Keçi Adası (Island).

The route then leads N for a distance of 3.5 miles through Büyük Bogaz (Strait) the E of the preferred channel which lies between Yıldız Adası (Island) and Keçi Adası (Island) and then across the inner harbour to Marmaris.

Vessels prefer the E channel, deep and clear in the fairway free of danger/obstruction. Vessels must navigate with caution in the fairway & bay for sailing boats, yachts and fishing boats.

Anchoring and fishing are prohibited within an area, the limits of which are on the chart, centred on Keçiada Lighthouse ( 36 47.9 N – 028 15.6 E ). Several submarine cables are laid across the outer harbour of Marmaris Harbour, landing in Turunç Koyu ( 36 46.5 N – 028 15.0 E ) . Anchoring and fishing are prohibited in the vicinity of these cables in Turunç Koyu.


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