Marmaris is a coastal town where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet.  It is one of the largest natural harbours in the world and is protected by two islands, Yildiz Island and Keçi Island. It is easy to see why it is one of the most popular tourist resorts and ideal for a yacht charter in Turkey with its long coastline, isolated bays and inlets, marinas, pine-covered hills, wonderful beaches and ancient cities. Marmaris is a major centre for yacht tourism and one of the best places to start or finish a Blue Cruise yacht charter in Turkey. 

The old town or historical centre of Marmaris is bordered by the marina, Marmaris Castle and Marmaris Harbour. The historical buildings date back to the Ottoman Empire. Today these buildings have been restored and are protected. Most of them serve as restaurants, bars and shops. While you are in the old town do not miss Marmaris Castle and Museum and Marmaris Grand Bazaar (Carsi Market).

There is something to meet all budgets and along with the lively nightlife, sandy beaches and great facilities it has grown in popularity.

It is not clear when Marmaris was originally founded, however, it was previously known as Physkos and was part of the Carian Empire in 6th century BC when she was overrun by the Lydians.  In 1425 the city became part of the Ottoman Empire and the castle was built in 1521. Ottoman Sultan, Kanuni Sultan Suleyman changed the name to Mimaras which later became Marmaris.



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