Sail along the fantastic shores of the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea in a private sailing yacht charter in Turkey. There is something for all budgets so that you can enjoy the bays and islands around Marmaris.


Marmaris gulet yacht charter     

Marmaris is one of the best Turkey yacht charter holiday locations in Turkey, it is in the middle of the most popular cruising region between Antalya and Bodrum. This area is called southwestern Turkish Riviera. Marmaris and the vicinity provide rich sailing choices with smooth winds, beautiful secluded bays and well-sheltered anchorage places, magnificent scenery and numerous ancient sites along the beautiful Turkish coastline. Marmaris yacht charter in Turkey offers perfect sailing locations, traditional bazaars and waterfront restaurants form the backbone of this Turkish town.

With plenty of interesting activities, Marmaris became one of the most interesting towns in the Eastern Mediterranean, shopping in Marmaris bazaar or enjoying a quiet drink in the shade of the bars at the waterfront, overlooking busy Marmaris yacht charter marina. Built around the historical Suleyman’s Castle the winding streets around the fortress contrast with the bazaar behind it.
Beautiful commercial Turkish gulets line up Marmaris waterfront, offering weekly and daily yacht charter trips to various beaches and dive sites.


Yacht charter in Turkey: Marmaris Sailing Routes


You can rent a yacht charter in Turkey from Marmaris and discover sights you cannot see from land. Marmaris and its surroundings are an important route for sailing yacht holidays in Turkey. The yachts can be rented with or without a captain. From the moment you rent your yacht from Marmaris you can take a blue cruise on different routes:

a) Gokova Route: When you leave Marmaris, you can visit the coves and bays of Serce, Bozburun, Selimiye, Orhaniye, Kizkumu, Bencik, and Sorfay cove and many many more.

b) Göcek Route: After renting a yacht from Marmaris travel towards the east and explore many special places on a route extending to Ekincik, Dalyan, Gocek, Gocek 12 Islands and Fethiye.

c) Greek Islands: You can take a tour to the nearby Greek Islands with yachts hired from Marmaris. Located right in front of Marmaris, Rhodes is waiting for you with its castles and bazaar. From here you can pass to Symi and observe the colorful Symi houses from your yacht and swim in the beautiful beaches.


Marmaris Yacht Marinas:

In recent years, the numbers and capacities of Marmaris marinas are home to many Turkish and foreign boats. Marmaris marinas, provide an important source of income for the country.


Marmaris Yacht Fleet:

With our boat and yacht options suitable for every budget, we can offer you a blue cruise starting from Marmaris. Our yachts await you in different standards and classes ranging from economic gulets to deluxe gulets, from sailing boats to catamarans to motor yachts and mega yachts.




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