Meis is the principle Greek Island nested in the middle of a cluster of Greek Islands in the area. The Island was colonised by Dorian Greeks during the Hellenistic period and has been occupied by several nations throughout its troubled history; Greek, Italian, british and French.

The prosperous days startd for Kaştellorizo at the end of the 19th century thanks to fishing and shipping and the island was developed with beautiful mansions along the coast.

Arriving by ferry to the Dodecanese Greek island of Kastellorizo – or Meis, as it’s known in Turkey – just fills you with that complete happy satisfaction that not all in the world is racing along and over-developed. For the traveller craving tranquility, idylls are still very much in existence and Kastellorizo ticks all those perfect-dreamy-Greek-island boxes. It’s a blissful escape.

Something you should really see when visiting Meis is the so called blue Cave. It is located on the South East side of the Island and there are several boat trips available from the harbour. The boat takes approximately 15 mins, passing by the only 4th century BC Lycian Grave on the Island (on the East side of the harbour).

After Blue cave it’s time to explore the harbour. On aproach to the island, the ruin of the castle of the Knights (14th century) is very evident on the East side, perched at the end of the cape. There is a short clımb to the castle with steps and ramped walk ways on the West side. On the East side is via a lot of stairs; but maket he effort because it is worth it fort he view. The castle was demolished and restored many times throughout the years.

There is a distinctive and relaxing atmosphere on the island, fresh sea food is available in abundance in all the cafes with a selection of different cuisines to suit all palates. 


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