Ölüdeniz Blue Cruise

Set sale on your own miniture voyage of discovery

 The village and the beach by the lagoon was locally known as Belcekız or Belceğiz before the area became a magnet for mass tourism, although today many people in the area have no idea about what Belcekız is and the town as well as the lagoon are both known as Ölüdeniz, which literally means "dead sea" and originally referred only to the lagoon itself.

A unique chance to experience cruising on a tradionational Turkish gulet. Just relax completely while the beauty of the Turqoise Coast slips by. Spend your days reading, swimming , exploring the islands or trying out the watersports, the choice is yours while the crew attends to your every need. The boat anchors in peaceful bays overnight while you enjoy a restful night in your own cabin.

  Ölüdeniz Yacht Charter

If your feeling particularly adventurous on your holiday, experience something different. Soaring through the air over the stunning Blue Lagoon, with panaramic views of the area from the Babadag (Father Mountain). The mountain is a geological marvel soaring above Oludeniz at 6500ft at the take off point. Oludeniz offers the best tandem paragliding site in europe,if not the world. With perfect take off sites close to the 2000m summit of Babadag mountain, your flight will take you over its ridges, out across the sea for a birds eye view of the famous lagoon, down to the gentle landing on the beach.

A number of companies in Ölüdeniz offer paragliding opportunities from the summit of nearby Mt. Babadağ, about 1,900 mt from the sea elevation. A "trip" from the top to the beach takes around an hour and offers stunning views of the Blue Lagoon and the valleys and mountains covered with pine forests around. Training and tandem flights are also possible for those unexperienced at paragliding.

Or, Dive in the clear turquoise waters of the Mediterranean with one of the highly qualified diving schools in the area. As the sea is tide free it attracts an abundance of marine life due to it being very warm and calm and is diveable all year round. It is great for both beginners and more experienced divers and the schools in the areas offer a range of trips to wet even the most adventurous of appitites! Ranging from the shallow calm reefs teeming with life to the eerie caverns, fascinating walls, dramatic drop offs, thrilling tunnels and attractive swim-through arches coated in soft corals, Feather Dusters and Sponges, you can see there is something for everyone. There is also Archaeological diving available with some of the amphora dating back to 300 BC when Alexander the Great conquered the area.






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