Kekova is the name of a region of fascinating islands, bays and ancient cities. Kekova has a rarely seen attraction, a long the shore of the Island a sunken city is observed. The geological movements of the Island caused the city on the Island to be submerged, creating a strange scene with half of the city under water and half above. Teimiussa, Simena are the main Lycian settlements in the area. Kekova is the only area where the flying fish can be wathched in this region. Beyond its cultural features, Kekova shows very significant geological formations, ondulated coastal line, hydrobiological features and scenic beauty of the area form an outstanding quality. It is a remarkable example of cultural continuity, and a living cultural assents as well.

Sıçan koyu

Sican Adasi or Rat Island is a small uninhabited island located just before the marina of Antalya Celebi, about 1.8 MN SSW of it. Its highest point is 74 m. This small island is in front of Celebi Beach, about 0.4 NM offshore. On this slope the depth between the island and the continent does not exceed 8 m. It is an area of sand where you can anchor. On the NE side of the island the depth, consisting of rocks, is 22 m. On the E side a small cave is very popular with divers. When the wind is blowing from the W, it generates quite large surface currents. The winds blowing from the S can create big waves.


The watery paradise of Kaleköy is one of the western Mediterranean’s truly delightful spots, home to the ruins of ancient Simena and an impressive Crusader fortress perched above the hamlet looking out to sea. Within the fortress, the ancient world’s tiniest theatre is cut into the rock, and nearby you’ll find ruins of several temples and public baths. From the top you can look down upon a field of Lycian tombs, and the old city walls are visible on the outskirts.









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