Kiralık Yelkenli Tekneler ile KekovaThe region of Kekova is made up of fascinating islands, bays and ancient cities. Between Kekova island and the mainland coast, an inland sea has been formed. This is called Ölüdeniz (not to be confused with the famous Ölüdeniz near Fethiye). Ölüdeniz can be entered through passages to the east and west of Kekova Island. In the afternoons you can feel a breeze blowing over Sıçak peninsula, to the west of Kekova Island, the breeze calms during the night. 

At the entrance from the eastern side, there is a wide and deep passage passing between Cape Kekova, with its lighthouse, and the island of Kisneli half a mile to the northwest. At the entrance from the west, two gorges can be passed between the western end of the Rat Peninsula and Kekova Island. There are two small islands, Karakol Islands, close to each other in the middle between the peninsula and the island. Between these islands, it is shallow and impassable, however, it is a nice place to swim on the open sea side.   

Along the shore of Kekova Island is a partially sunken city caused by geological movements. The Lycian settlements of Teimiussa and Simena can be seen in the area. Kekova is also known, in this region, for the flying fish. 



Sıçan Koyu

Sican Adasi or Rat Island is a small uninhabited island located just before the marina of Antalya Celebi, in front of Celebi Beach. Its highest point is 74 m. On this slope, the depth between the island and the mainland does not exceed 8 m. It is an area of sand where you can anchor. On the NE side of the island the depth, consisting of rocks, is 22 m. On the east shore is a small cave and is a popular spot for divers. Many day trip boats and charter yachts anchor here during their blue cruises along the turquoise coast.  When the wind is blowing from the west it can generate quite large surface currents and winds from the south can cause big waves.



Yelkenli tekneler ile Kekova turuKaleköy, named after the castle high on the hill, is one of the most important places in the region. Kaleköy was built on the site of the ancient city of Simena. In the sea, the old city walls and stairs can clearly be seen. Near the shore is a sarcophagus standing just above the water. It is forbidden to swim among the ruins here. Climb up to the castle, above the village, as the views are stunning. You will also see a tiny theatre cut into the rocks and the ruins of some temples and public baths. Shopping is limited in Kaleköy. Take a yacht charter in Turkey and discover the wonders of Kaleköy.








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