Kalkan was previously an Ottoman / Greek shipping village, called Kalamaki and has retained much of its character, beauty and charm from this era. It is located approx 25 km from Kas. The oldest building in Kalkan is the mosque, above the harbour; it was a Greek Orthodox church until the 1920s. From the harbour the streets are lined with old houses, built for coolness from the summer heat.

Kalkan is generally more peaceful than many other Turkish tourist resorts and has a more upscale feel and you will find many good quality restaurants and bars. Some feature roof terraces where you can watch the sun, sea and stars or dine in one of the harbourside restaurants as the boats come and go.

Kalkan is the only harbour between Fethiye and Kas and is, therefore, a popular stop on the blue cruise gulet charter in Turkey routes. Alternatively, rent your own private yacht charter and sail the turquoise coast.





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