With its postcard-perfect harbor, Kaş is a favored yacht mooring destination in the Antalya Province of Turkey and one of the best places for you to head out onto the sea for some laid-back sightseeing of the many secret coves and islands along the coastline. The town itself is crammed with cute boutiques and lovely cafés, where landlubber tourists can chill out and shop ’til they drop. While the sunken ruins around Kekova and Kaleköy are the top historical attraction, plenty more remnants from the Lycian, Greek, and Roman eras are hidden in the surrounding hilly hinterland if you’re looking for more things to do.

Just offshore from Kaş is the geopolitical oddity of the island of Meis. Despite only being a 20-minute ferry hop away from shore, Meis actually belongs to Greece (and is known as Kastellorizo in Greek). A day trip here from town means you’re actually crossing an international border. Meis has plenty to keep you occupied for the day, including boat trips to the island’s coastal caves and some great hill hiking to abandoned church ruins. The harborside village is also gloriously cute with plenty of cafés and all its buildings decked out in pastel shades. Two ferries run daily from Kaş, and if you’re heading to Greece, you can also continue on to Rhodes from here on weekly ferries.

he modern town of Kaş occupies the site of ancient Antiphellos. Among its scattering of attractions from antiquity is a Lycian sarcophagus in the town center, a well-preserved theater on the west side of town with fine views over the bay, the remains of the ancient town walls near the harbor, and some Lycian rock tombs to the northeast. If you’re feeling active, an afternoon spent exploring these remnants will give you a feeling for the history of this tourist town.

Kaş is all about the sun, sea, and sand. Along the surrounding coastline are plenty of perfect white strips of beach to lay down your towel. Kaputaş Beach (between Kaş and Kalkan) is one of the most popular, and during summer it can get busy with fellow sun-seeking tourists. If the crowds put you off, head to the lovely beaches of Liman Aǧzı, on the opposite peninsula. They can be easily reached by a water-taxi from Kaş harbor if you don’t fancy a long stroll along the shore.

The offshore island of Kekova is one of the most interesting attractions near Kaş. The island is famous for the underwater ruins just offshore known as the sunken city. The best way to get here is by a yacht or boat cruise from Kaş or Üçaǧız as the boat can take you right up to the ruins. Alternatively, kayaking trips to the sunken city are extremely popular and allow you to get an even better look below the surface, so you can peer down into the blue water spotting crumbled stone remnants. Almost all of the tour companies in town can organize boat trips and kayaking tours here.


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