Sailing Turkey can be Amazing!

Sailing Turkey often means sailing through history! Turkey is mentioned by several experts, as this part of the world is surrounded with the historic lands which you should see when you are on your sailing experience.

To see the historical places present at this part of the world, you should opt for the gullet cruises operating in Turkey. These gullet cruises can be hired from the major ports like Fethiye, Marmaris, Bodrum, kas, Kalkan, Istanbul and Greek Islands.  This is also a reason why yacht charter in Turkey and Greek Islands has become a great option for the tourists coming here to explore the rich culture and history that Turkey has preserved for years. If you are looking for an exotic and warm place to spend your vacation this time, then Turkey and Greek Islands are the right places for you. These places can really light up your imagination and can offer you a great traveling experience that you will memorise for the rest of your life.

And to make traveling easier at these places, gullet cruise and the private yacht charter are always there for you. Sailing in Turkey with the help of these private yacht charters can really offer you the most comfortable way of traveling. This is also a big reason why now many people are travelling to the Greek Islands or Turkey now prefer to opt for the gullet holiday.

Here, you can also find the ferry to Kos and ferry to Rhodes that will offer you a distinct experience of sailing in Turkey. There are three great elements that make this country a great one for the tourists.  From the major cities in this world, you can easily get a flight to Turkey. This part of the world is where Asian and European cultures merge in a great way. So, it is definetly the place that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. The locals at this part of the world are known for their warm hospitality which has been flowing since the nomadic ancestry.

They respect the strangers visiting this island. Due to this reason, Turkey is also considered as a safe place for the tourists. In order to make things more comfortable and easier for the visitors to Turkey, now gulet cruises are announced. In order to hire the most comfortable private yacht charter in Turkey, you can browse our websites now.

Suppose you like sunshine, smell of sea air, and water sports, Mediterranean cuisine as well as chance of visiting some important historical locations, you must set your sites at Turkey. Here you may explore civilization’s best crossroads, select from various sailing choices. You do not need to be a sailor in order to enjoy a sea holiday in Turkey. The popular choice for the tourists in Turkey is hiring the crewed yacht. On the crewed yacht, professional crew generally takes complete care of boating as well as you may turn the attention to soaking in sun, snorkeling, visiting the quaint villages, historical locations as well as enjoying dishes that are made by onboard chef.

Kaptanlı Yelkenli KiralamaSuppose you fancy travelling at the vessel, which is reminiscent of the romantic galleon and old pirate ship,a cruise on a Gulet is in order. The gulets are the traditional wooden & handmade Turkish boats, generally equipped with the crew of 3 comprising of captain, cook, and sailor. Boats are powered by motor and sails. Routes are fixed and arranged to preferences of a group, and group shares their expenses. Even though Gullets are the traditional vessels, modern touring Gullets are completely equipped with comfort of tourist in mind. Generally, they have 4 to 10 cabins, well equipped with the en-suite showers, WCs as well as hot water facilities. The Turkish Gullets have the music systems, fishing, navigational, electronic, and diving equipment. The spacious & light sitting room given at a back of boat is the distinguishing features & benefit of this kind of vessel. Sitting at a big table in this section, you may have the meals in sunshade, alternatively there ıs seating space for meals or drinks on the deck, you may get enjoy the sun or watch admire the stars at night as you indulge.  If you are on Gulet cruise with full crew, you can benefit from an experienced guide who will also become your friend.

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