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 Symi Island Yacht Charter

Sail to the beautiful island of Symi on one of our Greek yacht charters if you want to bask in a pretty, bold, bright and tranquil tourist destination that oozes simplistic charm.

This sunny island is situated close to northwest Rhodes and is nestled between two Turkish peninsulas. The island’s capital (Yialos) boasts great architecture of authentic 18th  and 19th century mansions which are set in a sheltered bay by the small island of Nimos. Not many islands can boast the crisp and bright ambience of Symi. Its amphitheatre has a neoclassic mansion status which is set on the top of a barren hillside. In essence, Symi is a mountainous harbour town dotted with beaches and areas of historic interest and mythology. Symi has fast become a sought after tourist destination as it has such a unique charm and beauty.

Most of the tourists that venture to this island via Greek yacht charters are British or Italian. Those who reside on the island are mostly non-Greeks. Due to the tourism boost, the landscape is made up of many restored homes that provide an opposite scene to the traditional architecture.

Things to do in Symi

Symi Yacht Charter

There are tons of places to visit when you embark on this gorgeous island. The Monastery of Michael Panormitis overlooks the bay and is still inhabited by monks.

The Kastro is set in the main town, this historical entity which was built by Knights of St John is a great place to tour on a trip to Symi.

Another very famous landmark is the municipal clock tower, built in circa 1880. The list of historic places to marvel at goes on and on.

Symi also hosts its very own famous festival during the summer (July to September). The festival was set up by a Greek political journalist.

Since the early days, the festival has been well known for attracting many Greek musicians who love to perform at the free open-air concert. The festival is hosted in the main square of Yialos; if you like a spot of dancing and the theatre, you’ll really enjoy being a spectator at this well-established event. Another obvious upside to visiting Symi is the beautiful Mediterranean weather that is perfect for sunbathing, snorkelling and exploring the lush terrain.

Charter yachts in Greece will visit Symi and other islands such as Mykonos and Santorini. So you can bask in the sun on a bounty of beaches, on the deck or swim in the many hidden bays and coves. Get in touch with the Albatros Yachting team and get a quote or seek advice on Greek yacht charters today.

Our friendly customer services team can answer any questions that you have. As we’ve been in this business for many years. To sample Symi soon contact Albatros Yachting.

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