Ucagiz Port


Ucagiz Liman, also called Ölü Deniz or Tristomos, offers all round shelter as it is a landlocked lagoon and is always calm.  As the bottom is mud the water appears dirty, not clear. Going ashore the ancient city of Teimussa is located in the village of Üçagız. There is not much left of the ancient city other than the cemeteries called necropolis.

At the entrance to the harbour are rocks and shallow areas, you can see these from the colour of the water. On the Kaleköy side, there are two islands full of ruins.

There are a number of bars and restaurants in Üçağiz village, on the beach front with piers in front of them to connect to. There are limited shopping facilities here but any necessities can be purchased from a few convenience stores. When you are ashore take a minibus to Demre. In this area water is scarce and cisterns and ponds are used to collect rainwater. 

In the summer anchoring in front of the village can become crowded. Gökbucak at the western end of the bay can be less crowded. Irmakbaşı on the east side of the harbour is not suitable for anchoring as it is too shallow.   



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