Yachts for sale


We have a great collection of yachts for sale that come in a variety of styles such as, Turkish Gulets (wooden traditional sailing yachts), motor yachts, sailboats and mega boats.

Each yacht is unique in its own way; tailored to meet individual tastes and expectations. Purchasing and customising your own yacht is a fantastic way to harness a sense of freedom. Independently sail into paradise, Explore the beauty of the Mediterranean in comfort and style.


Flex your imagination! Choosing or designing your yacht will be a joy from start to sea. Albatros Yachting offers a wrap around service in every aspect of design and build, from conception to delivery. Albatros Yachting work with the finest people and shipyards around.

Albatros Yachting will assist you throughout your exciting Project. We promise to only give expert advice when planning your dream yacht.

It is important when purchasing your yacht, that you take into consideration cost and budget. Ask yourself how often you will be sailing your yacht, wear and tear and repair are costly, plan your costs carefully. Educate yourself on materials you prefer, the cost of replacing and replenishing these materials.

Spend some time researching Yachts. What do you like, what can you afford, size, shape etc. After thoroughly researching yachts and the construction of yachts, you are ready to start your search for your dream charter. Albatros Yachting can give you Professional guidance and assistance from start to finish.

There are companies in and around Turkey offering payment schemes, for example, you can pay half the total upfront, after instalments to suit your budget.

One thing is for sure, when you decide to purchase your yacht you will enter a whole new world of adventure and sheer sailing delight.



Take into consideration other factors, such as Marine charges where you will dock your boat. Charges will differ from the dock to dock, however, don’t forget these charges cover access to wifi, shower and toilet facilities and marine cafes within walking distance; these are designed to make your stop off more comfortable and cost-effective. 


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