The catamaran is a big and very comfortable yacht, it is practically the house on the water. Some bathrooms (marine term is latrine), kitchen (the marine term is galley) with a gas stove, big capacious lockers and the refrigerator, cosy big cabins with soft sofas, everything is created for the comfortable rest with friends or a family and even with small children. With the same length, as the one-case yachts have – the volume of inhabited space on a catamaran is twice more because each of two floats is manned. 

Unlike one-case yachts, the catamaran doesn’t heel at a strong wave and wind (doesn’t bend on one board) also moves on a water smooth surface smoothly. Therefore passengers of a cruising catamaran practically are not swayed and their stay onboard is at most comfortable. A small deposit of these courts allows to approach there, where common yachts can`t reach – to reserved shallow beaches with gold dust, and the hardware gives the chance to be in autonomous swimming far from a civilization incredibly long. Besides, the catamaran consumes very few fuels and is able to sail, that does such rest economic. 

Our catamarans are an ideal option for a sailing cruise: as with friends and a family or partners in business. They are also good for romantic or honeymoon trips. In fact, a catamaran is a hotel on water, but the hotel in which there are no neighbours and there is no noisy city behind a window (illuminator). Smoothly cutting a smooth surface of water by the floats all shades of blue it will be as a magic carpet, which will transfer you to those surprising corners of light which you want. Only desire is necessary from you, and we, by all means, will carry out it. Fishing, diving, bathing or simply sailing travel with close people, either a noisy office party or celebration something scary important – only you can decide. You formulate a task – we carry out it. 

The smell of the sea, unusual sea declines, noisy parties of the coastal cities or lonely life, you will solve by yourself, and we will offer you a miracle which costs nothing to touch, even if the world is not enough for you.


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