Catamaran Yacht Charter in Turkey

Catamaran Yachts

Catamarans for rent offer an economical and enjoyable cruise. They are similar to sailing yachts. However, they are different from each other.

Many people confuse them with each other. It is very important to know the difference between them when renting a catamaran. The main difference between catamaran and sailboat is the width. The catamaran has two sailboats. It is more difficult to control in adverse weather conditions than a sailboat. However, the catamaran has a split hull. Thus, it fills its sails with the wind and does not topple easily. Catamarans that can carry larger sails can accelerate more. The thin hulls of the catamarans are subject to less friction while cruising. In a sense, Catamarans are speed boats. Docking and anchoring in ports by catamaran is easier than with monohull yachts. Catamarans, which are twin-engine boats, can maneuver more easily. In addition, the vast majority of the hulls of the catamarans remain on the surface of the sea. It is more convenient to come closer to shallow shores.

How to Rent a Catamaran

You can make a free sea trip by renting a catamaran. Catamarans for charter offer the opportunity to enjoy the sea. You can discover the unique coasts of Turkey. In addition, you can spend an unforgettable holiday in small harbors. You can rent a catamaran with the captain and crew. Catamaran charter with crew is very important for a safe trip.

Catamaran rental is very easy on our website. First you need to determine your needs. For example, the capacity of the catamaran is important to determine the need. In addition, a special event to be held on the catamaran is also important for choosing a chartered catamaran. Catamarans are ideal for events such as birthdays and anniversaries.

If you plan an unforgettable marriage proposal, it is ideal for charter catamarans. How about an unforgettable proposal to your girlfriend with your best friends? A magnificent organization in the middle of the sea can be the first step of your marriage. Do not forget that for such an event, it is enough to contact us. There are different types of catamarans in our rental catamaran category. There are many types of catamarans vary in their capacity and size. You can find the most suitable charter catamaran for your budget on our website.

Contact us to rent a catamaran. Our customer representatives will be happy to answer your questions.

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