From time to time we get yachts that are currently under construction and for sale before they are even built. The advantage is that the process is faster than starting from scratch and the interior can be as desired. Yacht Construction in Turkey has a long and successful background, dating centuries; our grandfathers used to […]

Travel on the Mediterranean seas and charter a traditional gulet of your choice, and enjoy endless hours of cruising, dining and marvelling at an array of hidden bays and coves of the high seas at your leisure. Gulet Charter In Turkey What is a Blue Cruise? A Blue Cruise is the term used for sailing […]

WHAT IS GULET? A GREAT MEANS OF SAILING IN THE SEA WHILE EXPIRING ALL THE WONDERS! Gulet cruising is definitely one of the most renowned activities what holidaymakers could enjoy when exploring the enticement of the Turkish Riviera. The modern What is gulet ?industry of Gulet cruise has developed to ideally exploit the splendors of […]

Diving charters are identical to other charters except they specialise in providing a spectacular diving experience. A diving charter does not involve the permanent use of a vehicle. Obtaining a diving charter is easy. A diving charter is provided along with an experienced crew if you have the relevant qualifications and experience you may dive […]

One of the most overlooked tourist attractions in Istanbul is a cruise on the Bosphorus. With so many historical sightseeing highlights in Istanbul, this can be understandable. There is so much to see and do there is too little time to squeeze everything into your short holiday. Bosphorus Tour We invite you to the Bosphorus […]