Bosphorus Tour

One of the most overlooked tourist attractions in Istanbul is a cruise on the Bosphorus. With so many historical sightseeing highlights in Istanbul, this can be understandable. There is so much to see and do there is too little time to squeeze everything into your short holiday.

Bosphorus Tour

We invite you to the Bosphorus Tour and see the enchanting beauties of Istanbul from the sea. Albatros Yachting provides you with the opportunity to see the unique beauties of the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara by organised boat tour. At guests’ request, a private boat tour of the Istanbul Bosphorus from one end to the other can be arranged. You can choose your location where you wish to stop for a tea break and something to eat. Bosphorus tours are arranged during the day and night and we invite you to participate in both day and night cruises.

Get your cameras ready to photograph the historical heritages, stunning views and natural beauties during your Bosphorus tour, starting from Eminönü. From the Genoese era to the present day, the historical fire surveillance tower (now called the Galata Tower) can be seen from the boat. It is still witnessing history. Heading towards the Black Sea, located on the European side, you will see Dolma Bahce Palace, built in the 19th century during the Ottoman Empire, this is where the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk passed away. The Ortaköy Mosque, built in the style of Neo-baroque architecture by Sultan Abdülmecid, and the pearl of the Bosphorus suspension bridge present the most beautiful view that reflects the past and the present.

The tour continues, Beylerbeyi Palace, built by Sultan Abdulaziz, is on the Anatolian side. It is constructed from white marble and will fascinate guests with its splendor and lush garden view. While the sight of the Beylerbeyi Palace cannot be overlooked, Göksu Pavilion also known as Kucuksu Pavilion, built by Sultan Abdulmecit, is a sultans residence with horse riding facilities, will be the center of attention with its stone structure and original architecture.

As the Bosphorus tour boat approaches Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge on the European side is the Rumeli Fortress, on the Anatolian side, will show different and beautiful images during the day and night. The pavilions in Kanlıca area offer postcard-like images. The tour boat will continue towards Sarıyer along the shores of the European side. The magnificent white mansions on the beaches of Sarıyer are out of your dreams.

As you are approaching the Black Sea the unique and natural landscape of Rumeli Kavağı is on view. Turning to the Anatolian side the tour continues and Yoros Castle, also known as the Genoese Fortress, is located on Yusa Hill. The fortress was built to protect against the dangers of the sea. At Anadolu Kavağı a break is given so that tour passengers can have some lunch in one of the many excellent seafood restaurants and visit the castle if you wish. After the relaxation break, get back onto the tour boat and return to the starting point.

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