Yacht Charter in Turkey

Gulet Charter in Turkey – All Set to Offer a Pleasant Vacation!


          These days, you can find gulet charters are becoming quite a popular mode to tour Turkey. Visitors coming to this part of the world prefer to hire gulet charter in Turkey so that they can explore this amazing destination in the most unique and comfortable fashion. From the mid of the July to the mid of the September is considered as the busiest time to explore the coastal line of 

this part of the world.  These are also the most expensive months to travel in Turkey, as these are considered as the peak time for tourism in this part of the world. However, finding and hiring the best gulet charter in Turkey can really offer you great amount of pleasure.  The temperature during this time can remain around 40 degree centigrade, so hiring a gulet charter can really offer you 

a cool and pleasant experience to visit the coast line of Turkey. During the end part of September, you can find a cool atmosphere here. The Meltime flows from May to September and this can even make the sailing work tough. Even such tough condition, people coming here during this time prefer to go for the gulet charters. In order to catch these gulet charters, ensure that you are present at Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris. These are the major ports in Turkey from where you can get yacht charters easily.

          Sailing in Turkey can be amazing when you have hired the most comfortable Turkey yacht charter. This can offer you a great and pleasant experience of visiting this part of the world. You can hire the yacht charters for your family or for your partner. If you are looking for the sailboat charter in Turkey, then you are at the right place. The price for hiring such gulet cruises remains really less and that fits into your budget in the best possible manner. The cabin of the Turkey yacht charter comprises of all the luxurious elements that can make your touring more comfortable.  Even the hot climate and tough to sail wind cannot hamper your comfort on the go. Well, these yacht charters can be hired on hourly basis or you can get them while partnering with other people. Moving on these gulet cruises in group is always considered as an affordable option. No matter what sort of budget you have, going for a gullet holiday in Turkey is surely going to offer you great pleasure and fun.

Mid July to mid September are busiest and costly months to cruise Turkish coast. The temperature will exceed over 40deg C. May & late September are cheaper and cooler. April & October will see some rain however it is still very warm. From May - October the area experiences Meltemi wind. This blows from N & NW and will make sailing in this direction hard work. Marmaris, Bodrum, as well as Fethiye are chief charter ports. Following destinations are been ordered north to south.

Iskele is the lovely small village on northern Aegean coast and opposite to Greek island in Lesvos. Plenty of village’s stone houses serve now as inns, restaurants and pensions. The little distance away is the Behramkale, though most of the people still call this town by the ancient name Assos. This was founded over 700BC by the colonists from island in Lesvos. On the hill close by are ruins of Doric-style Temple Athena and surrounded by the crumbling city walls & ancient cemetery. Also, close to is 14th century of Ottoman Murad Mosque. Hill gives spectacular views of Lesvos & Aegean Sea island.

Ayvalik is the coastal resort in northern Aegean and is well surrounded by the olive groves, which produce a lot of Turkey’s olive oil. The Ayvalik has interesting history, and after fall of Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Greeks of the Ayvalik moved Greece, as well as Turkish citizens of the Greece moved Ayvalik. Town has a lot of old Ottoman Greek homes and orthodox churches, which have been converted in mosques now. Harbour has a lot of good restaurants and ferries also run every day in summer from Ayvalik and Greek island of the Lesvos, however the fare is high for two hour of trip.


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