Sailing in Turkey can be amazing when you have hired the most comfortable Turkey yacht charter. This can offer you a great and pleasant experience of visiting this part of the world. You can hire the yacht charters in Turkey for your family or for your partner. If you are looking for the sailboat charter in Turkey, then you are at the right place. The price for hiring such gulet cruises will always fit into your budget in the best possible manner. The cabins of the Turkey yacht charter gulets comprises of all the luxurious elements that can make your tour more comfortable. Even the hot climate and tough to sail wind cannot hamper your comfort on the go. These yacht charters can be hired on an hourly basis or you can get them while partnering with other people. Sailing on these gulet cruises in a group is always considered as an affordable option. No matter what sort of budget you have, going for a gulet holiday in Turkey is surely going to offer you great pleasure and fun.

In addition to renting yachts on the Blue Cruise, you can also enjoy activities such as water sports, diving and exploring the beauty of the submarine in quiet waters. Centuries of the region’s history are thought to be untouched under the cool waters of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, it is much easier to understand how much treasure they face on this journey.

Yacht charters may request captains, crews or cooks from blue cruise companies. With the development of the concept of Blue Voyage in Turkey, it is now possible to find highly experienced captains, crew and cooks around the world in blue voyage companies. The increase in demand for Blue Voyage also allowed yacht rental prices to fall. Yachting for a blue cruise up to 80 years is quite luxurious and it is now possible for people from different communities to enjoy this pleasure and enjoy the pleasure of a blue cruise with private yachts for a pleasure that only a certain segment can have.

The markets and shops that open in these cities offer different shopping opportunities in these cities.

It is possible to take advantage of many different vehicles to make a Blue Cruise. Gulets, which are the classical vessels of the Aegean Sea, are often used as marine vessels where people from different segments travel and gather together. Yachts are usually rented privately by those who want to be with their families or loved ones.

Special occasion?

At Albatros Yachting we aim to make your sailing holidays in Turkey special. Enjoy your first holiday together as a married couple on our Honeymoon charters.

Business looking to arrange a corporate event for their staff, why not arrange something different this year and hold your function on one of our gulets?

Blue Cruise with female staff? This is available on selected gulets from Fethiye or Gocek.

Mid-July to mid-September is busiest and costly months to cruise the Turkish coast. The temperature will exceed over 40 deg C. May & late September are cheaper and cooler. April & October will see some rain however it is still very warm. From May – October the area experiences Meltemi wind. This blows from N & NW and will make sailing in this direction hard work. Marmaris, Bodrum, as well as Fethiye are chief charter ports. Following destinations are been ordered north to south.

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