Yacht Construction in Turkey

From time to time we get yachts that are currently under construction and for sale before they are even built. The advantage is that the process is faster than starting from scratch and the interior can be as desired.

Yacht Construction in Turkey has a long and successful background, dating centuries; our grandfathers used to say that large wooden boats took 4 to 6 years to complete. Nowadays any size of a boat can be ready to launch at sea in 8 to 18 months from the date the keel has been laid.

Albatros Yachting can guide you to build your dream yacht from steel, wood, GRP or customise with your own taste, design and the best construction materials and interiors.

Luxury Gulet construction gulets are mainly classified by their stern parts which can be described in two models, sphere stern gulets and also straight ketch look a like stern gulets.ted space under the aft deck due to their hydrodynamic design and the cabins are located at the fore part, the engine room is located right under aft deck and saloon. The entrance to the saloon and the cabins are from the deck and gulets have a very aesthetic silhouette due to their low freeboard and varnished ketch look. Gulets are more spacious, the entrance to the cabin can be used as the master cabin or in some gulets the kitchen can be accessed with 4 stairs from the mid saloon. The silhouette of a rounded aft from a distance is more artistic however ketch stern gulets are more spacious.

Motor yacht construction, before commencing the project, one should decide which material to be built a motor yacht, then the model of the boat, shipyard and yacht construction engineer in order to contract the project.

The owner should choose an experienced supervisor captain to help the yacht construction engineer and to monitor shipyard progress. Albatros Yachting will be there to make sure you have your yacht built the way you wanted and support you before and after construction.

Sailing yacht construction Turkey- sailing yachts are built in many different ways and with different materials, wooden sailing yachts looks more beautiful than GRP or aluminium. However, they are much harder to maintain and keep them in perfect shape. Nowadays many people prefer GRP, steel, aluminium or carbon kevlar hulls which are lighter, faster and needs less maintenance.

Maintenance and repair works of your boats, painting, shipyard works, varnish and project maintenance are carried out by our expert staff.

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