What we call a Gulet


Gulet cruising is definitely one of the most renowned activities what holidaymakers could enjoy when exploring the enticement of the Turkish Riviera. The modern What is gulet ?industry of Gulet cruise has developed to ideally exploit the splendors of Turkey’s coastline, offering visitors with remarkable views of a uniquely eye-catching country; a great opportunity to explore the warm waters as well as sheltered coves of this splendid region. You must be wondering what is a Gulet. Well, a gulet is a wooden motor powered sailing yacht that’s renowned for offering the peak of luxury. Though mainly motor-powered they also comprise elevated sails as a quieter and secondary means of impulsion. Opulently intended to be equally pleasing to the eye as well as appealing to the requirements of the discerning voyager, they’re an invention of a marine heritage that’s 2nd to none. From the traditional era to the Ottoman Empire as well as beyond, Turkey has been well known regarding the excellence of its craftsmen as well as the beauties of its sailboat charter or ships. Overall the Gulet is the modern depiction of this tradition. Well, there are no shortages of yacht charter in Turkey and the Greek Islands but choosing the best one is always a task ahead.



Built with a wide, flat deck and strong square sails a Gulet is a perfectly delightful boat as well as an exclusive treat to enjoy your gulet holidays in Turkey. In fact, many describe it as a small hotel which floats over the sea. Yachting in Turkey will be even more pleasurable with all such facilities available. There are also private yacht charters in Turkey that gives you complete freedom to enjoy your privacy. Inside these charters, you can find facilities like libraries, cushioned lounge areas, air conditioning, private cabins, sun decks and a bar as well. The best thing about it is you are more likely to be escorted by an energetic, friendly as well as experienced regional crew to share the attraction of the neighbouring location with you. No matter whether you are looking for a ferry to Kos or a ferry to Greece, now you can avail them all with ease. If you are desperate to explore the open sky while sailing in the sea, then you can rent a bareboat in Turkey for the best possible result. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to sail in Turkey for the best amusement.

Gulet CharterThe gulet cruising is the most famous activities, which holidaymakers will enjoy when exploring the temptations of Turkish Riviera. This is no exaggeration in saying they are to Turkey just like the Gondola is to Venice and the tram to Melbourne. The modern industry of a Gulet cruise now has evolved to rightly exploit the beauties in Turkey’s Aegean coastline, giving the visitors the unforgettable views of the uniquely attractive country; the perfect opportunity for enjoying warm waters as well as secluded coves of the breathtaking area. However, what makes the Gulet a Gulet?

The Gulet is a wooden motor powered yacht, which is famed for giving zenith of luxury. Although mainly motor powered they boast the tall sails as the secondary, and quieter, it means propulsion. Opulently made to be pleasing to your eye as well as appealing to the needs of the discerning traveller, and they are the product of maritime heritage, which is just second to none. Also, from the Classical era to the Ottoman Empire, the Turkish area is very popular for the quality of the craftsmen and handsomeness of the ships. Gulet is a modern representation of the tradition.

Name ’Gulet’ has come from French word named ’Golette’ (it means ’Schooner’), even though it might equally be the adaptation of Venetian word named ’Galiota’ (it means ’Galleon’). Like with a lot of linguistic history you will see there are a lot of theories, and nothing is sure. So, what is certain is a form of modern vessel, which you can enjoy on the Gulet cruise. It is built with the wide and flat deck, the large and round stern, 2 masts as well as strong, square sails, Gulet is a definite pleasure boat as well as the unique treat that you can enjoy on holidays in Turkey.

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